Panoramic X-Rays

What is a Panoramic X-ray?

panoramic xrayPanoramic radiographs (also known as Panorex® or orthopantomograms) are wraparound radiographs of the jaws and teeth. They offer a wide-angled view that would otherwise be invisible. Radiographs in general, expose hidden structures, such as wisdom teeth, preliminary signs of cavities, and also show fractures and bone loss.

Panoramic radiographs are extraoral and simple to perform. Usually, dental radiographs involve the film being placed inside the mouth, but digital panoramic sensors are hidden inside a mechanism that rotates around the outside of the head.

Routine dental panoramic radiographs provide a wide view of the teeth, jaws and surrounding structures and tissues.

They are not necessary for all patient visits…

Office professional and new technology X-ray machine 3D panoramic imaging which is excellent image quality and more diagnostic options.

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