5 Facts That Everyone Should Know about Dental Crowns

When you have a chipped or fractured tooth, then you need restoration procedures to correct the anomaly. Instead of opting for a simple filling, it is more beneficial to consider substantial restoration techniques such as dental caps. These crowns can completely reshape the tooth and can address serious complications or damages. Here are a few facts that you need to know about dental caps.

Made from a variety of materials

Dental caps are made using different materials. Porcelain is used for making teeth that are situated near the front of the mouth. This is because they blend seamlessly with the existing teeth and they are more lifelike. Porcelain fused with metal are used for teeth that are situated on the sides and back. This is because these teeth endure more biting force and metal gives a more natural appearance.

Completely natural appearance

Today, dental caps are fashioned to perfectly match the contour and color of the original tooth. A dental cap will fit over the whole surface of your natural tooth and will blend seamlessly with the adjustment teeth. Therefore, with dental caps, you are assured of getting a completely natural appearance and other people cannot easily tell that you have had a dental restoration procedure done.

Functionality and strength

Porcelain and metal crowns are remarkably strong. Dental caps can effectively mimic the natural teeth in terms of function and strength. This makes them a more logical and effective treatment for severe dental damage or disease. Porcelain can also be bonded with gold to offer even more strength and durability. With crowns, you never have to worry about the strength of your new teeth because they will serve you for many years.

They need a few dental visits

Fixing dental crowns just requires a few visits to the dental office. Your dentist will physically examine the tooth and then take digital x-ray images to determine how viable it is. He/she will them start treatment by numbing your tooth and removing any old fillings and cracked or decayed portions that are above the gum line. The dental practitioner will then shape the tooth and get an oral impression that will be taken to the lab for use in creating a custom-made crown. During the final visit, your dentist will remove the transitory crown and bond the new crown in position.

Protects underlying tooth

Dental caps support and protect failing teeth above the gum line. The dental crown is usually tooth-shaped and will help to preserve injured, abscessed or heavily decayed tooth. Whether it is made from all porcelain or porcelain fused to metal alloy, dental caps will offer unmatched protection and support of the underlying tooth. They will also address cosmetic problems by masking permanent discoloration and enhancing the aesthetics of the tooth.

Crowns have helped to restore millions of smiles over the last few decades. They are still preferred to tooth extraction. If you have a damaged tooth that has a weakened structure, dental caps will be the best solution for restoring the strength of the tooth. With dental caps, people can have beautiful smiles and enjoy great dental health.

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